Coutts Plumbing Inc. is dedicated to the residential remodeling process. We are also adept at small commercial projects such as tenant fit outs and restaurants. It’s our philosophy that we work with other contractors and subcontractors to the benefit of us all. If we help you to be successful, then success will flow to us all. We consider ourselves to be one of your team, and our employees will always listen, advise and work with your employees in an upbeat, positive and  considerate manner.

We have been in business since 1980, with our focus on the residential market. At Coutts Plumbing, we prefer working with general contractors, but we will always support your customers in whatever way you desire.  

We understand the value of word of mouth, as that is how we get the bulk of our work, so we know how important that is to you. As part of your team, we will make sure your customers feel well taken care of. 

We are responsive by phone, email and text and you will always get a timely response from us. We don’t advertise in the yellow pages and we aren’t a repair/service oriented company, so we won’t abandon your remodeling job to “take care of an emergency service call.” We will be dedicated to your job. The sooner we are done, the sooner you are done and the happier everyone is. At the same time, know that we back up our work and will often return without charge to a previous customers house long after the warranty period to adjust or tweak something that was concerning them. And  we let them know that it is just part of the customer service YOUR company provides to it’s customers.

Call us and let us join your team for a cheerful and successful  experience.

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